Digital technologies provide important means of leverage to foster development, help the most vulnerable populations and deliver better public services. The potential of digitalization is huge in particular in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.


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Digital for Development (D4D)

We help our partners find digital solutions and we assist them in applying the latest technologies. Simple digital tools (e.g. mobile data collection) as well as advanced technologies (sensors, digital imaging...) are used for decision making and achieving better results.

Digitalization is not a goal by itself, but a catalyst for development. We follow the nine Principles for Digital Development in our interventions. 


Our outlook on innovation emanates from our evolving organisation both in Belgium and abroad. The many challenges in international cooperation require a new way of thinking. That is why we renew and optimise our internal processes and systems using the latest technologies.

We currently adapt our communication, financial management and results monitoring systems. We are not the only drivers of change; our partners are inspiring us to change too. Through our lunchtime Digital Talks we get inspired and showcase specific innovations in partner countries.

Use of data

Data are key. We use data for sound decision making in all phases of the project cycle.

We invest in instruments and policy measures to become a data-driven organisation. We also support our partners in this, among other things by disseminating our open data philosophy and promoting the use of big data. This ranges from data of telecommunications operators to the provision of geographical information collected by interventions. 


Food security & digitalization - The Maisha Bora programme brings together 15 organizations with expertise in water engineering, microfinance, animal health and nutrition to improve food security and pastoral livelihoods of the Maasai...
Innovation in education - 288 Palestinian primary and secondary schools move towards student-centred learning with ICT tools
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We cooperate with Belgian public bodies to support our projects.


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