Stories of a changing world. Stories of men and women affected by our projects. Stories of how we work and what we aim to achieve.

stories of change

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Financing health care – More than 100,000 people covered by health insurance in Senegal
Digital technologies, when properly integrated in development projects and adapted to local needs, can provide real leverage. Explications.
In Taliouine, in southern Morocco, some 3,000 families grow saffron, an important source of revenue for most of them. Go up the value chain of the precious spice and meet the women and men who make it happen.
Performance-based financing of quality health care in Uganda
Funding health care - The system of performance-based financing was introduced in 2015 in Uganda to support quality health care. It focuses on improved performance instead of (increased) provision of medicines, personnel or equipment....
Food security & digitalization - The Maisha Bora programme brings together 15 organizations with expertise in water engineering, microfinance, animal health and nutrition to improve food security and pastoral livelihoods of the Maasai...
Sécurité alimentaire au Niger
Food security | In Niger communes invest in the development of plots of land on which women can grow vegetables. But women’s access to the most fertile plots or to land ownership are limited. The mayor of the commune of Kiéché explains.


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